Places to visit

Sheep Farm “Salaš Krajinka”

At “Salaš Krajinka”, you can watch sheep farming in close proximity, including grazing and milking, and you can also enjoy tasting traditional Slovak specialities.

It is situated by the main road when leaving Ružomberok in the direction to Žilina, approximately 6 km away from the centre of Ružomberok.

The sheep farm was established here in 1983 for farming of 1,000 sheep. They do not use any preservative substances at the farm. The restaurant offers traditional sheep farm dishes, such as “bryndza” cheese soup, lamb perkelt, mutton stew or fried sheep cheese. What is interesting about the restaurant is its non-typical location at the premises of a stable, which allows you to watch sheep and lambs through a large glass wall.

In the vicinity of the restaurant, there is also a playground complex with climbing frames and swing sets, so kids can enjoy themselves too. In addition to sheep, kids can also see other animals, such as geese, pigs, rabbits and hens.

The sheep farm also sells their own locally made products from sheep milk, such as sheep cheese, “bryndza” cheese, sheep’s milk whey called “žinčica”, or “oštiepok” cheese. They also have their own bakery, where they bake, for example, potato bread, home-made crackling scones and sweet buns. These baked goodies can be purchased in a fairy-tale gingerbread house. Another attraction is a rare exhibition of residential tractors.