Places to visit

Chapel at the cemetery, Liptovská Osada

The chapel is situated in Liptovská Osada. It is located in a slope at the premises of the cemetery. It is located approximately 500 metres away from bus stop “Lipt.Osada,,Jednota“.

– The chapel is made of brick, with a roof covered with felt shingles.
– The roof has a small wooden tower with a cross at the top of a pyramid-shaped roof.
– There are windows in the side walls.
– There is an alcove for candle holders in the wall by the entrance door.
– The chapel is east-oriented.
– There is a staircase for access to the chapel.
– From the chapel, you get a view of Liptovská Osada and the surrounding hills with a part of the ridge of the Low Tatras in the background.
– Passing by at approximately 140 metres away from the chapel is a red-marked bike trail called “Vrchárska Cyklomagistrála”.