Places to visit

Lourdes Chapel by the Church of St. Archangel Michael, Valaská Dubová

The chapel is situated in the town of Valaská Dubová. It is located behind the Church of St. Archangel Michael. It is located approximately 190 metres away from bus stop “Valaská Dubová,,OcÚ“.

– The chapel has stone masonry walls.
– Inside the chapel, there are two statues.
– The alcove of the chapel is protected with glass.
– At the bottom part of the chapel, there is a quote.
– The chapel has south-west orientation.
– The chapel was built in 2008, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the apparition of Virgin Mary in Lourdes.
– There is a sitting area by the chapel.
– Passing by the chapel is a green-marked bike trail running from Likavka, through Jasenová and Komjatná, back to Likavka.
– In the vicinity of the chapel, you will find the beginning of the blue-marked hiking trail running to the area below Great Choč.