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Well “Srazy”, Ružomberok - Černová

The well is situated in the territory called “Srazy”, above the Ružomberok’s town district of Černová. It is situated approximately 200 m away from the green-marked hiking trail leading from Černová to notch Pod Červeným Grúňom. It lies approximately 2 km away from the urban area of the town.

– The spring is covered with a wooden structure with a shingle roof.
– The well is surrounded by a fence, which serves for protection against grazing livestock.
– The surrounding area of the well has been destroyed by grazing livestock and currently it is not in use.
– A high voltage line is led above the well.
– Near the well, there are old wooden hay barns.
– A marked hiking trail passes near the well.
– There are no trails leading to the well.
– It is situated in the protected zone of the Great Fatra National Park.