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All Saints Church in Ludrová

The Roman-Catholic Church of All Saints is situated in the town of Ludrová, approximately 6 km away from the centre of Ružomberok.

The Classicistic church, situated on Stráň Hill, was built in 1825. All the inhabitants participated in its construction, and it was also financially supported by the emperor, Franz Joseph I. Formerly, a wooden belfry stood in the place of the church. The church can be accessed through a roofed staircase.

The main altar of Virgin Mary, the queen of all saints, comes from 1901. Apart from the main altar, there are also side altars of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Virgin Mary.

Placed above the entrance to the sacristy is a painting of All Saints, painted by Alexander Belopotocký from Ružomberok. He is also the author of other paintings and carvings which decorate the church. It was originally the central painting of the main altar. In the foreground of the painting, there are two kneeling men, looking up at the Holy Trinity. On the right, there is St. Peter, dressed in a blue cloak. In his right hand, he is holding an open book and two keys. He symbolizes all the followers of Jesus Christ. On the left, there is king David, dressed in a red cloak. His hands are clasped and there is a harp lying on the floor next to him. Also depicted in the painting are, for example, John the Baptist with a cross in his hand and St. Andrew with a beard. All these figures are also looking up at the Holy Trinity. On the clouds on the right, there is St. archangel Michael with a helmet and a shield with an inscription in Hebrew. There are also angels on the clouds with St. Michael. On the cloud at the top, there is Virgin Mary kneeling with her hands clasped. She is turned to the Holy Trinity: Jesus Christ holding a cross, God the Father and a dove with a halo, which symbolizes the Holy Spirit.

The original altar painting was a painting of Virgin Mary, which was later placed in the area for confessions. Another interesting painting is the one of the Sacrifice of Isaac. The pews come from the period when the church was built.