Places to visit

Station in Vlkolínec, near “Krkavá” Rock

The station is situated in Ružomberok, in the area of Vlkolínec. It is situated in the woods by Krkavá Rock near Vlkolínec. It is located 1.5 km away from the parking lot at the entryway to Vlkolínec.

– It is situated on a tree.
– It consists of a roofed frame, placed in which is a cross with Christ.
– The station is east-oriented.
– It is situated near the natural monument of Krkavá Skala.
– There is a roofed sitting area nearby.
– There is a spring nearby.
– Passing by the station is a marked hiking trail.
– Passing near the station is a marked bike trail and a marked educational bike trail.
– The station is situated in the protected zone of the folk architecture monument reserve of Vlkolínec.