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Well “Dubovské Lúky” (Dubovske Meadows), Ružomberok - Hrboltová

The well is situated above the Ružomberok’s area of Rybárpole, approximately 2 km away from the urban area, in the territory of Dubovské Lúky. It surfaces at about 30 m away from the red-marked hiking trail leading from Rybárpole through Radičiná to Švošov. You can get to the well along the mentioned trail from the train stop called Ružomberok – Rybárpole. At the place where you need to take a turn off the side walk in Dubovské Lúky, there will be an informational direction sign on a tree.

– The spring surfaces on a meadow under a tree into a tank, from which the water flows out through an overflow pipe.
– There is a wooden well structure with a shingle roof built above the spring.
– For a better access to the water, wooden bridges have been built in front of the well.
– In the surrounding area, there are many old wooden hay barns, some of which have been converted into cottages.
– Passing near the spring is a red-marked hiking trail from Rybárpole through Radičiná and Komjatná to Švošov.
– It is situated in Šípska Fatra, which is a sub-part of the Great Fatra.
– The well is used mostly by tourists and cottage owners.