Places to visit

Station “Cyril and Methodius” outside of the cemetery, Komjatná

The station is situated at the periphery of the village of Komjatná, outside of the local cemetery. It is located by trees next to the water tower. It is located approximately 250 metres away from the church in Komjatná.

– The station consists of a glazed metal frame, which is fitted to a metal pipe.
Placed inside the frame are statues of saint Cyril and Methodius.
– There is a double cross on the roof.
– Fitted to the pipe are holders for burners.
– The station has south-west orientation.
– There is a glass box for candles situated by the station.
– From the station, you get a view of Šíp, Kubínska Hoľa, Ostré with Hrdošná Skala and other peaks in the surroundings.