A Round Trip to Mineral Waters

A round trip on bikes through the Liptov towns with refreshing natural mineral waters.

Start and destination: Ružomberok, parking lot by the main railway station.
Trail: 29 km (+ detours to the springs)
Marking: red, blue bike trail
Surface: road, paved road
Difficulty level: moderately difficult trail with many small hills.
Safety: The trail runs on the local second- and third-class roads, field roads and, in one longer section, on first-class road E50, therefore pay increased attention.

We start our trail by the railway station in Ružomberok, from where we follow the red-marked bike trail. We cross the bridge over the Váh River and we safely cross main road E50. We continue along the Revúca River, which we are going to cross over the bridge in a short while. We arrive at an intersection of trails, where the blue bike trail turns away in the direction to the Great Fatra ridge. We continue along “Plavisko” Street to the intersection of trails at “Bottova” Street, where we get on the blue-marked bike trail. The blue bike trail leads us through the town to first-class road E77, where we safely cross the street. Shortly after, we leave the main road and continue on the side road, which passes by a beautiful Church of All Saints. We pass by a chapel as we are approaching an intersection, from which it is possible to make a detour to the mineral spring in Ludrová. We continue to the town of “Liptovská Štiavnica”, where there is a restored manor house in the vicinity of our trail and a recreational complex “Chalúpkovo”, surfacing near which is a spring with mineral water. From Liptovská Štiavnica we continue across the fields, past a chapel, where we get a view of the Choč Mountains with a dominant peak of Great Choč. We ride down the hill and by the local creek “Zúbra” we can again make a detour, to a ferruginous mineral spring called “Medokýš”. We enter the town of Liptovské Sliače, where our trail leads us past an important Gothic church with beautiful frescos. As we leave behind Liptovské Sliače, we are getting to Čertovica Notch, with another chapel and a view of the surroundings. Below the notch, there is another mineral water spring called “Teplica (Čertovica)”. We go down to the town of Partizánska Ľupča, where we transfer again to the red-marked bike trail. In Partizánska Ľupča, there are two towers of the local churches rising in the centre of the town, in between which we will pass on our trail. From Ľupča, we continue along first-class road E50 to Liptovský Michal, in which there is another interesting church, which certainly won’t remain unnoticed. We continue over the Váh River and arrive in Bešeňová at a signpost of bike trails, from where we can make a detour up the hill, to another mineral spring. In Bešeňová, we can buy refreshments or bathe in the local pool area. The trail leads us further, through the town of Liptovská Teplá, where we can make a detour from the signpost in the town centre to the towns of Lúčky and Kalameny with other mineral springs. We pass below the town of Turík, where there is a trail turning away to the Turícka Valley. Then we pass through the town of Lisková, after the end of which there is a natural formation, “Skalná päsť” (rock fist), next to our trail. Finally, we arrive in Likavka, where we only need to pass through the railway crossing and we are back at the bus and train station in Ružomberok, where our trail started.

– At the beginning of the trail, there is a restaurant in the railway station building.
– In front of the railway station building, there is a steam locomotive of the Korytnica railway.
– The confluence of the rivers Váh and Revúca is an important and protected spawning ground of the Danube salmon.
– On the way through Ružomberok, we can get more supplies for the trip in several grocery shops.
– Church of All Saints in Ludrová – Kút is open to the public during summer months.
– The manor house in Liptovská Štiavnica is closed to the public, but you can take a look at it from the street.
– There are other mineral springs in Liptovská Štiavnica, for example spring “Očianka” at the entry to the valley.
– Near the mineral spring in Ludrová, there is a Museum of Handmade Paper Production.
– In the Ludrovská Valley, there is a rocky mountain pass called “Hučiaky”, with a hiking trail passing through.
– In Liptovské Sliače, we pass by restaurant establishments and grocery shops, where we can get more supplies.
– In Vyšný Sliač, there is a restaurant in the vicinity of the trail.
– Below Čertovica notch, there is an important natural site of “Sliač Travertines” with sulphurous mineral water (water with egg-like smell).
– Partizánska Ľupča also offers refreshment options.
– In the vicinity of the mineral spring in Bešeňová, there is an interesting natural site of “Bešeňová Travertines”.
– Situated in Liptovská Teplá is one of the oldest churches in Liptov.
– In the town of Lúčky, there is a spa with an all-year-round pool area.
– Situated in Lúčky is also a beautiful “Lúčanský Waterfall”.
– In the town of Kalameny, there is a pond with warm mineral water, where bathing is possible all year round.
– In Likavka, there are ruins of the Likava Castle.
– Throughout the entire trail, there are many opportunities to buy refreshments or supplies.