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Defence Bunker near Liptovská Osada

The restored defence bunker is situated near the town of Liptovská Osada, approximately 15 km away from the centre of Ružomberok.

It lies on the popular bike trail from Ružomberok to Korytnica, called “CykloKorytnička”.

It commemorates the battles which took place here during the Slovak National Uprising. In the territory from Biely Potok to Liptovská Osada, the troops of the uprising tried to prevent the German troops from taking control over the road to Banská Bystrica. A number of hard-set, covered battle stations made of concrete were built here, designed primarily for heavy machine guns. The battle stations were built using the advantage of the road being situated along the narrow valley of the Revúca River, which separates the Low Tatras from the Great Fatra.

One of those fortified stations was this bunker. It is possible to peek inside the bunker, there is a replica of a machine gun, an ammunition box, a wooden bunk and other equipment.

The merit for its restoration is owed to the Military History Club in Ostrô.