Along “Cyklokorytnička” from Ružomberok to Korytnica

A trip on the educational bike trail along the line of the former narrow-gauge forest railway.

Start and destination: Ružomberok, parking lot at “Zápalkáreň” station (“Šoltésovej” Street)
Trail: 23 km (+ 23 km back)
Marking: red bike trail, green bike trail, educational bike trail “Cyklokorytnička”
Surface: asphalt road, paved road, road
Difficulty level: mildly rising path
Safety: The trail mostly runs on separate off-road paved bike trails. The initial, middle and final sections of the trail lead through towns along local third-class roads. The trail crosses first-class road E77 several times, therefore pay increased attention. Also pay increased attention at places where our trail is crossed by side roads and woodland paths.

We begin our trail at “Šoltésovej” Street by the Revúca River, at the entrance to the educational bike trail “Cyklokorytnička”. During the weekends in the summer months, there is a small train running from the main railway station to the starting place of the trail, which provides a safe transport through the town. The asphalt path leads us along the Revúca River to town district Biely Potok. At the place where we pass by a family house and cross a side road, do not forget to notice an old lime plant situated behind the river. We are passing along low-frequented streets of the town district, past a local restaurant establishment, where we can buy refreshments. In front of the restaurant establishment, there is also a memorial of the Slovak National Uprising. A path between the houses leads us to a well called “Mosúrka”, where we can refresh ourselves as well. We continue to an intersection below the Trlenská Valley, where the yellow-marked bike trail to Vlkolínec is turning away. There is also a resting area shaped like the belfry of Vlkolínec. We continue along the river, and at the place where we cross the bridge we have the option to make a short detour along the green-marked bike trail to Jazierce. On the other side of the bridge, there is a restaurant and a cheese shop, by which there is a shelter with benches. We continue along the trail until arriving at the crossing of the main road. On the other side of the road, there is a military park with educational panels about defence fortifications during the Slovak National Uprising. The trail leads us past the fish farming ponds, after which there are gates on the Revúca River, on the right. We continue past the camping site with a shelter and a fireplace. A little bit further, we can make our trip more attractive by visiting “Brankovský” waterfall, which does not have a large flow rate, but it is the highest waterfall of the Low Tatras. We can get there along the green-marked hiking trail, along which we should reach the waterfall in about 25 minutes on foot (without bicycles). We continue further to the crossing of the main road. On the other side of the bridge on the right, there is shepherd’s hut “Bodega”, where you can buy refreshments. After the crossing, we continue to the bridge over the Revúca River, which used to serve as a railway bridge for the railway line running through this territory. We continue on the paved terrain along the river, passing behind the sheep farm, where you can purchase cheese.  You will often see shepherd dogs in this area. The trail leads us to a fortified pillbox unit from World War II. By crossing the old railway bridge, we enter the town of Liptovská Osada, in which there is a recreational facility called “Gothal” with a swimming pool and other attractions. The trail leads us further, passing by shepherd’s hut “Jánošíkova Koliba”, where we can take a break and buy refreshments, if we want to. The paved road leads us to the area of Patočiny, where, one last time, we cross the frequented first-class road. The following section of the trail consists of railway superstructure, which will lead us all the way to the place where we take a turn to Korytnica, which has a railway station building and a mineral water filler. From this point, we continue along the local road, by the creek, until arriving in Korytnica, where, by the local restaurant, we end our trip and we can use the restaurant’s services. We use the same route to get back.

– There are informational panels placed throughout the entire trail, as well as a picture model of a locomotive and other supplementary elements of this educational bike trail.
– Along the trail, there are many panels with maps of the surroundings.
– There are many resting zones with benches you can use along the trail.
– You will also find playgrounds for children along the trail.
– There are several accommodation and restaurant facilities along the trail.
– You can make a detour from the trail to the folk architecture monument reserve of Vlkolínec, which is included in the UNESCO List of World Heritage.
– From the trail, you can make a detour to Jazierce, where you can see a waterfall and travertine cascades with little ponds.
– In the fish farming ponds, you can purchase live or frozen fish from local farmers.
– In order to get to the gates on the Revúca River, which regulate the water flow to the old power plant, you need to cross the main road at the place without a pedestrian crossing.
– You can use the camping area with fireplaces and benches to rest, and to roast your own sausages or bacon.
– On the detour to the waterfall, remember to take into account extra time for returning to the trail.
– There is a memorial in front of “Bodega” shepherd’s hut.
– The more experienced cyclists can make a detour and continue along a difficult, blue bike trail, in the direction to Smrekovica, where they can use the restaurant services of the local hotel.
– Liptovská Osada offers additional services, such as a grocery shop, a restaurant establishment, a pizza shop and more.
– There are other marked bike trails turning from Liptovská Osada. The navigation signpost is located in the town on the other side of the bridge over the Revúca River.
– There is a red-marked bike trail to Donovaly running from the turn to Korytnica.
– There are several springs with mineral water in Korytnica.
– In the restaurant in Korytnica, you can buy empty bottles to fill in with water.
– You can continue from Korytnica along the green-marked bike trail to “Hiadeľské Sedlo” (notch).
– In Korytnica, you can admire the architecture of the local spa houses, which are, however, in deteriorated condition.
– The thematic stamp for the trail is available at the information centre in Ružomberok.
– The trail enters in the territory of the Great Fatra National Park and the Low Tatras National Park, therefore you must observe their rules for the visitors.
– The channel and the surroundings of the Revúca River are categorized as rare habitats and are protected by the law on nature protection. That includes moors and travertine terraces with springs.