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Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Stankovany

The Roman-Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is situated in the town of Stankovany, approximately 15 km away from the centre of Ružomberok.

The Neo-Gothic church was consecrated in 1901. An interesting fact is that on the same day, they also consecrated the cross on “Šíp” Hill, rising above the town. The church stands at the premises of an earlier wooden church. The wooden church was in poor technical condition and it was at risk of being closed by the order of the authorities, moreover, the arch above the choir fell down, and that is why this new stone church was built. The sand for the construction was transported from Kraľovany, the granite monoliths were brought from Hybe. It was almost unbelievable what trouble the town’s inhabitants made when choosing and purchasing the land on which the new church was going to stand.

The church has a cross-shaped floor plan. Side chapels were added to the nave. The most dominant feature of the church is the three-storey tower with a pyramid-shaped roof. There are five bells in the tower. The oldest bell, Jacob, comes from 1647. The main altar, like the church, is consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Situated by the sides of the altar are the statues of St. Alois and St. Emory. In addition to the main altar, there are also two side altars: Holy Family and Queen of the Holy Rosary. Altars, sculptures and the way of the cross were made by Tyrolean carver Ferdinand Stuflesser. An interesting feature are the colourful windows, in which you can see depictions of doubting Thomas, tortured Jesus, the kiss of Judas or Mary by the cross. There are also statues of preachers Cyril and Methodius. The baptistery stands on 3 posts. This trinity idea is reinforced by the featured symbols of: a globe, a candle and a dove.

A representative entrance to the church is created by the paved road, the travertine stairs and the relief of the Sacred Heart by Miloš Blažek. Located by the church is another statue, the one of St. Ján Nepomucký. This statue was originally situated at the lower end of the town, but it was removed from there due to reconstruction of the railway line.