“Tarzania” in Hrabovo

Obstacle climbing in “Tarzania” rope park offers some adrenaline for older as well as younger visitors.

The rope park is situated in the Hrabovská Valley, near the valley station of the cable car lift, located approximately 3 km away from the town centre.

With its total length of 1,110 metres, it is the largest rope park in Slovakia. It consists of different obstacles hanging from the trees. Your task is to conquer these obstacles while climbing through the route from start to finish. During your climb, you can enjoy lovely natural scenery in the view from above.

There are three routes available for adults: a black route of 340 metres, a red route of 310 metres, and the shortest, blue route, of 155 metres. The complex cares about the safety of the visitors, which is why you get a helmet and a harness from the personnel, who will explain how to use it in a safe way. The adult routes have a height limit: at least 150 cm.

The route for children is 160 metres long and kids climb it in about half an hour. Children will also get a helmet and a harness, so they are protected from falling during the entire time of the climb. Obstacles are placed at a low level above ground, which allows you to help your children. The routes for children have a height limit: up to 150 cm.