Places to visit

Rift from the water source, Hrabovo, Ružomberok

The rift from the water tower is situated above the Hrabovská Valley, in the wooded area by ski run Žľabiny. It is built approximately 1.5 km away from the central parking lot in the Hrabovská Valley. You can get to the rift along an educational trail called “Medvedia Cesta” (The Bear’s Path) and then along the ski run.

– The water surfaces from a steel pipe with a lid, in a concrete wall.
– The water flows out from the rift only at the times when the water tower situated above the rift is full of water.
– There is a small seepage of water below the wall, which allows a continuous flow of the spring.
– The rift is situated in a fenced area of the water tower, access to the water is by the fence, approximately three metres away from the outlet.
– It is situated in the protected zone of the Great Fatra National Park.
– From the rift area, you get a view of Čebrať, Great and Front Choč.
– Passing near the rift is an educational trail called “Medvedia Cesta” (The Bear’s Path).