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Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria in Hrboltová

The Roman-Catholic church of St. Catherine of Alexandria in Hrboltová is interesting because of the fact that, in this church, they have found a 750-year-old signature of a master, who signed himself with his palm print.

It is situated in Ružomberok’s town district Hrboltová, approximately 5 km away from the centre of the town.

After the reconstruction in the 19th century, only a part has remained from the original Gothic church built in the 13th century, forming the side chapel.

What is also attention-worthy, apart from the above-mentioned palm print in the paint of the triumphal arch, are the three decorative consecration crosses, which are of the same age, and which prove that this church was probably of great importance in the past. In the preserved sanctuary, you can also see the original cross ribbed vault. Visitors can also notice the stone statue of Virgin Mary from the 19th century.

There is a well near the church, the so-called Spring of St. Catherine.