The Likava Castle is one of the favourite and frequently visited historic monuments in Ružomberok region. A short and moderately demanding trip to the castle is suitable for visitors of all age categories.

Start and destination: Likavka (parking area below the castle)
Route: 2.5 km (in total, there and back)
Estimated time: 1 hour (in total, to the castle and back)
Marking: Red
Vertical distance: 115 m
Difficulty level: A non-demanding route, mildly rising for the most part. In the section through the woods, the path is slippery and there is one steeper section.
Safety: The route passes under a motorway bridge, around which there is a motorway construction in progress. The path through the construction area is marked by tape, and the area under the bridge is secured by means of a wooden shelter. The section in the woods is usually damp and slippery. There is a risk of slipping mainly on the roots of the trees. The final climb to the castle through the woods runs on steep terrain with many roots, which are arranged into a makeshift staircase.

By car: Parking at the parking lots by main road E77 at “Pod hradom“ Street.
By bus: From the bus station to bus stop “Likavka,,hrad“. The bus stop is located approximately 200 metres away from the beginning of the route. Directly from the bus stop, you need to pass in between the family houses and turn left to the bridge over the creek, where our route begins.
By taxi: Taxi from the centre of the town will cost you about 5€.

The route begins at the periphery of the village of Likavka, at the parking lot at the end of Pod Hradom Street, by road E77. At the bridge, where there is an information panel about the Likava Castle and another information panel about the village, we connect to the red-marked hiking trail, which leads from Ružomberok to the castle and then continues to notch Spuštiak. We cross the bridge and we continue a few dozen metres further to a place where the trail turns right in between the houses. The turn is visibly marked with trail marking and also with a panel. The trail leads us slightly uphill by the creek, to a motorway bridge. The section under the bridge is roofed with a wooden structure to ensure safe passing underneath the construction area of the motorway. The passage is also marked with tape. After passing the motorway bridge, the trail leads us to an underground passage under a temporary service road for the motorway construction, after which there is a wooded area. In the section from the underground passage to the woods and in the woods, the trail leads us slightly uphill, at first by the creek, and later it gets further away from the creek. In the woods, the trail is made of clay and rocks, with tree roots, which are often slippery. After the rain, the trail in the woods is often muddy. The final section below the castle is steep, on a slope with protruding tree roots, which are arranged into a makeshift staircase. Pay more attention in this section, especially on the way down. The staircase will lead us to a paved road with a tourist signpost, which informs us that we need to go right in order to get to the castle. After a few minutes, we arrive at the castle, where we are welcomed by an information panel about the castle. We enter the castle through a forged gate, which is closed outside of opening hours. A few metres away, there is a ticket office, where you need to pay the entry fee. The visitors to the castle can access the lower courtyard of the castle, from where you get a partial view of Likavka and Ružomberok. From the castle, you also get a view of the hills of Čebrať, Radičiná, Sidorovo, Malinné Brdo, Ostrô and Mních. In the restored Hunyady Tower, which is also accessible to the visitors, you will find an exhibition where you can learn a lot of interesting facts about the history of the castle or see the torture instruments of the period. In the section of the castle open to the visitors, you can sit down and soak up the atmosphere of the period when the castle had residents. If you are interested, the staff at the castle can briefly inform you about the history of the castle and its residents. We use the same route to get back.

– In the vicinity of the beginning of the route, there is a restaurant.
– In the vicinity of the beginning of the route, there is a seasonal office for visitors.
– The route is suitable for visitors of all age categories, but there are a few sections where you need to hold your kids by the hand and guide them through.
– The route is not suitable for visitors with reduced mobility or for buggies. – The castle is open for visitors during the summer months, outside of the season it is only available by booking a visit though the Liptov Museum.
– For the collectors, there is a wooden tourist stamp, a seal and a magnet, which are available at the Ružomberok Information Centre at Antona Bernoláka Street no. 1 in Ružomberok.