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Station “Heavenly Mother” below Makovica, Liptovské Sliače - Stredný

The station is situated by an unmarked hunting trail in the wooded area below hill Makovica, above the town of Liptovské Sliače. It is placed on a metal post. It is located 5 km away from bus stop “Lipt.Sliače,Stredný Sliač,otoč.”.

– The station consists of a wooden frame with a glazed door, placed inside of which is a picture of a saint.
– There is a small cross carved in the shield below the sheet-metal roof.
– The station is oriented to the west.
– The station was built as a thank you for saving of a life after an attack by a bear, which is written in the text inside the frame.
– The station is located 1.1 km away from the end of the asphalt road in the Sliačska Valley.
– The station is situated in the protected zone of the Low Tatras National Park.