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Well Vrchlúky, Ružomberok - Vlkolínec

The well is situated at the periphery of the woods by the road between Vlkolínec and ski resort Malinô Brdo, in the area of Vrchlúky, in the cadastral area of Ružomberok. It is located about 600 m away from the urban area of Vlkolínec. The well area can be accessed along a yellow-marked hiking trail from Vlkolínec in the direction to Hrabovo.

– The well consists of a wooden roof structure covered with wooden shingles, built on a stone-lined foundation.
– The inside of the well is lined with stones, through which the water is led out in a pipe.
– During dry weather, the water is often dried out and does not flow.
– There is a shelter with a sitting area situated by the well.
– Passing by the well is a yellow and green marked hiking trail.
– Passing by the well is a yellow-marked bike trail.
– Passing by the well is a bike single-trail called ”Rozprávkové enduro“
– The well is situated in the protected zone of the Great Fatra National Park.
– The well is situated at the border of the protected zone of Vlkolínec monument reserve.