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Chapel of Saint Gorazd in Smrekovica, Ružomberok

The chapel is situated in the cadastral area of Ružomberok. It is located at the premises of the military recreational complex in Smrekovica. The nearest bus stop “Ružomberok,Biely Potok,Podsuchá“ is situated approximately 8.5 km away. It is located a few dozen metres away from the parking lot by the hotel.

– The chapel is made of wood, with a saddle roof covered with plastic shingles.
– The chapel has a triangular shape, with a roof running all the way down to the foundation.
– There is a stainless-steel cross placed on the roof.
– Above the entrance door, there is a wooden cross with Christ.
– The chapel is east-oriented.
– In front of the chapel, there is a wooden terrace with handrails.
– There is a bell above the entrance. The power-operated bell was cast in the workshop of Juraj Ivák from Liptovské Sliače.
– The chapel is situated in the Great Fatra Mountain, in the protected zone of the Great Fatra National Park.
– The chapel is situated at the place of a former wooden chapel from 1935, which was built by the order of Andrej Hlinka.
– The original chapel burnt down after the second world war.
– The chapel was built by Ružomberok’s catholic circle and blessed on August 17, 2008, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Andrej Hlinka’s death.
The coordinator of the service in the chapel is the military clergyman in Ružomberok.
– The chapel is consecrated to Saint Gorazd.
– Passing in the vicinity of the chapel is a blue-marked bike trail from Podsuchá, through the ridge of the Great Fatra, to Ružomberok.
– Passing in the vicinity of the chapel is a green-marked hiking trail from Ružomberok, running along the Liptov branch of the Great Fatra ridge.
– In the vicinity of the chapel, there is an accommodation facility and a restaurant.
– In the vicinity of the chapel, there is a children’s playground.
– Inside the chapel, there is a table by a local artist, Janček from Likavka.
– The altar painting by Vojtech Starík depicts a scene in which Methodius appoints Gorazd as his successor.
– The statues of Virgin Mary and Gorazd are works by carver Ján Sivoň.
– The capacity of the chapel is 50 people.
– The chapel is allegedly the sacral building with the highest altitude in Slovakia.
– Situated by the chapel is a memorial to civil and military victims of the peace-keeping missions.