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Well Kalisko, Černová

The well is situated at the periphery of a wooded area below notch Kalisko, in the area of Kaliská, approximately 250 metres away from a hiking trail. The water surfaces from a rocky bed approximately 30 metres above an unmarked trail from notch Kalisko, which will lead you to the vicinity of the well.

– The well is man-altered and maintained.
– The water is collected into an iron tub.
– The tub is covered with a log well structure of a rectangular shape, standing on rocks.
– The well structure is covered with wooden shingles.
– The well can be accessed using a small closable door.
– The water can be obtained by filling in a vessel.
– Passing in the vicinity of the well is a red-marked hiking trail from Černová, through Šiprúň notches, to Podsuchá.
– The well is situated in the Great Fatra Mountain, in the protected zone of the Great Fatra National Park.