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Municipal Cemetery in Ružomberok

Several important Slovak personalities are buried at the municipal cemetery in Ružomberok.

The cemetery is located only approximately 1 km away from the town centre. In the vicinity of the cemetery, there is also the Calvary of Ružomberok. It is one of the most beautiful modern cemeteries in Slovakia.

The entrance to the cemetery consists of an old stone gate, which has remained from the original entry gate from 1913, when the cemetery was established.

The most interesting feature is probably the Tomb of Ľudovít Fulla, which is a national cultural monument. The tomb contains the physical remains of National Artist Ľudovít Fulla and his wife Júlia Klára. It resembles a funeral mastaba from ancient Egypt. It was given the nickname of “bunker” by the inhabitants of Ružomberok. A Ružomberok’s native, Ľudovít Fulla, was one of the most important Slovak artists of the 20th century and one of the founders of modern painting and graphic art in Slovakia.

Another interesting building at the cemetery is the Tomb of the Makovicky family. Under a four-metre cross and a massive stone baptistery, the tomb contains the physical remains of the members of this well-known family. Peter Makovicky was the founder of Ružomberok’s paper industry and “bryndza” cheese plant. His son, Dušan Makovicky, was known as a Slovak follower of Tolstoy, a translator and a personal doctor of L. N. Tolstoy. The tomb was designed by one of the most important Slovak architects, Dušan Jurkovič.

Kept in another tomb are the remains of the Krčméry family.

From among other famous personalities lying at the Ružomberok cemetery, there are, for instance, the founder of dental surgery in Slovakia, Ján Šubjak, the signatory of the Pittsburgh Agreement, Ján Janček, the founder of Slovak archaeology, Vojtech Budinský – Krička, the former chairman of the Hungarian Assembly, Jozef Angyal. At the end of the cemetery, you can also see Jewish graves. Lying here is, for example, the first assistant of world-famous scientist Albert Einstein, Ferdinand Stark. Also buried here is the mother of Peter Lorre, a famous Hollywood actor.

In total, there are almost 200 personalities of national and international importance buried at the cemetery.

There is a funeral home at the entrance to the cemetery. On the facade, you might notice a mosaic work by R. Dúbravec Jr.