Places to visit

Cross Likavka, by chapel “Cave of Virgin Mary of Lourdes”

The cross is situated in the town of Likavka, at the premises of the Centre of Social Services. It is located next to the main building, in a green area with a park layout. It is located approximately 100 metres away from bus stop “Likavka,,Dom dôchodcov“.

– The cross is made of wood, with a plastic sculpture of Christ.
– The cross is south-oriented.
– The arms and the top of the cross are covered with sheet metal.
– Situated by the cross is a sitting area and a panel with prayers.
– There is a chapel by the cross.
– Buses running in the direction from Ružomberok do not stop at bus stop “Likavka,,Dom dôchodcov”, the cross is located approximately 1 km away from the main bus and train station.