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Belfry of Liptovské Sliače - Nižný

The belfry is situated in the town of Liptovské Sliače, in the area of Nižný Sliač. It is situated by the road at the intersection of “Hlavná” Street and “Na Majeri” Street. It is located a few metres away from the bus stop called “Lipt.Sliače,Nižný Sliač,pri moste”.

– The belfry is made of wood logs, with a stone underpinning.
– The statue of Virgin Mary above the entrance is lit up at night.
– The roof of the belfry has a pyramid shape, it is covered with wooden shingles and it has a small tower in the centre.
– The tower has a cone-shaped, sheet metal roof with a double cross.
– The tower has two bells.
– The belfry is west-oriented.
– The belfry is used to announce deaths.