Train “Korýtko”

A popular attraction for both children and adults is train “Korýtko”.

In the past, the train used to run from Ružomberok to the spa in Korytnica. It was an essential part of Revúcke Podolie for almost 70 years. It served the spa guests, tourists, local inhabitants, but also for transport of wood and other cargo, until the line was discontinued in 1974.

Currently, they operate the part of the line that runs through the town of Ružomberok. The beginning of the line is located near the main railway station in Ružomberok. Its historical building is situated close to the centre of the town.

From there, the train continues on the railway bridge over the Váh River, then through the residential area of Roveň, and it ends at the southern periphery of the town, at a station called “Zápalkáreň”. You can get some refreshments here, and those who want to may continue on bikes along “CykloKorytnička”, which begins here. From here, this popular bike trail runs to Ružomberok’s district Biely Potok and then it continues through Podsuchá and Liptovská Osada, all the way to Korytnica.

The train runs on the weekends during summer holidays. The train also includes a special car for transport of bicycles, which is free of charge. This car can also be used for transport of strollers for children. The tickets can be purchased on the train.