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Mineral spring “Valentína BJ – 101”, Lúčky

Mineral spring Valentína is situated at the premises of Spa Lúčky, a few metres away from the entryway into AQUA – VITAL Park. The spring can be accessed via an asphalt road running through the spa premises. Passing along this road is also a red-marked hiking trail or a red-marked bike trail.  It is also possible to walk on the side walk by the road.

– Reference number of the mineral spring: LM – 143
– The mineral water from the well is used for therapeutic treatments and in the pool.
– There is an outlet led from the well, which is accessible to the public and used as potable water.
– The water is moderately mineralized, sulphate-bicarbonate, calcium-magnesium type, with increased fluoride content, mildly acidic, lukewarm, hypotonic, with total mineralization of 2689 mg per one litre of water. CO2 content of 875 mg per one litre of water.
– The spring itself forms a stone block, in front of which there is a pipe outlet for the mineral water, which is connected to the well.
– By the spring, there is an informational panel about the composition of the water.
– It is situated in the Choc Mountains.
– It is situated in the protected spa territory.
– There is a sitting area nearby.
– There is a marked hiking trail passing by the spring.
– There is a marked bike trail passing by the spring.