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Chapel of Virgin Mary of Rosary in Magurka

The Roman-Catholic Chapel of Virgin Mary of Rosary is situated in the former mining town of Magurka, approximately 30 km away from the centre of Ružomberok.

Magurka is situated at an altitude of 1080 metres, below the main ridge of the Low Tatras. There is a road leading here, which branches off from the Ľupčianska Valley. The town was established as early as the 14th century, and the ores mined in the town were gold, silver and antimony. Due to significant deposits of gold, it was of great importance in the entire Austria-Hungary. An interesting fact is that an 8-kilogram piece of gold from Magurka is displayed in a museum in Budapest. More pieces are displayed in a museum in Vienna. However, the mines were closed in 1923, and since then, the number of permanent inhabitants has been decreasing. Currently, it has fewer than ten inhabitants. Today, most of the buildings are used only for recreational purposes.

Construction of the church was finished in 1912, and it was originally consecrated to Saint Clement, who is considered to be the patron of miners and sailors. There is also a painting of St. Clement inside the church.

In the church tower, there is a large rattle, which used to call the miners to work and announce the end of work.