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Mineral Springs

What you will not find anywhere else in Slovakia or even in the world, is the abundance and the variety of mineral springs within the territory as small as Lower Liptov (Ružomberok District). This is also evidenced by the fact that, in this territory, you can find a medicinal spa in Lúčky, a historic spa called Korytnica, which is currently closed but its water is exported worldwide, or a large water park called Bešeňová, which also has pools with mineral water. Numerous springs with clear water, which provide refreshment for you during your trips or hikes, contain such amounts of soluble minerals that the water, despite seeming ordinary, is categorized as mineral, and sometimes contains more minerals than the bottled water. The abundant occurrence of these springs is owed mainly to the mountain terrain and the composition of the underground minerals, through which the water flows on its way out to the surface.