Places to visit

Station by a farmstead, Studničná

The station is situated in the village of Studničná, in the cadastral territory of the town of Komjatná. It is located in front of a farmstead below a wooded area. It is located approximately 500 metres away from bus stop “Komjatná,Studničná“.

– The station consists of a glazed wooden frame placed into a wooden stand made of an altered tree trunk.
– The station is protected with a roof.
– Placed inside the frame is a picture of Jesus.
– The station is south-oriented.
– From the station, you get a view of rocky cliff Sedem Kostolov and the surroundings of the village of Studničná.
– Passing by the station is a yellow-marked bike trail running from Ružomberok, below Radičiná, to Valaská Dubová.
– Passing by the station is a red-marked hiking trail running from Švošov, through Komjatná and Radičiná, to Ružomberok.