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Spring Sojkov below a sitting area, Ružomberok - Podsuchá

The spring is situated at the bottom periphery of a meadow, in the vicinity of a hunters’ hide, in the area of Sojkov above Ružomberok’s recreational village Podsuchá. It is located approximately 1 km away from the hiking signpost by the shepherd’s hut. You can get to the spring along the road from the signpost, which leads to meadows above the houses. On the meadow, you need to turn right and continue towards the hunters’ hide, at which you need to turn right to the bottom periphery of the meadow.

– The water surfaces directly from the ground at the periphery of the meadow.
– The spring is unaltered and used only by woodland animals.
– The spring is muddy and trampled by animals.
– The spring area offers partial views of the ridge of Brankov. In the distance, you can see Prašivá in the main ridge of the Low Tatras.