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Mineral spring “Čertovica” (Teplica), Liptovské Sliače

Mineral spring Čertovica (Teplica) is situated in Vyšný Sliač, 0.5 km away from the urban area. It can be accessed along the asphalt road leading from Vyšný Sliač, along “Hrbky” Street (along the blue-marked hiking trail).

– Reference number of the mineral spring: LM – 66
– It surfaces from the northern side of a travertine hill.
– It is located in the National Nature Reserve of Sliačske Travertíny (Sliač Travertines).
– It is situated in the protected zone of the Low Tatras National Park.
– The water of the spring has permanent temperature of approximately 16°C, and therefore the stream flowing from the spring does not freeze over even in winter.
– The flow rate is 81.1 l/min., with 1,850 mg of CO2 content per one litre of water.
– It is relatively highly mineralized, based on its properties it is categorized under sulphur waters (waters with egg-like smell).
– The spring itself is technically referred to as a mofette spring.
– It is caught into a concrete block with circular openings for the outflow of the mineral water, thus being protected against pollution.
– The spring has a roof structure with a sitting area.
– The access way to the spring consists of a paved path.
– The area around the spring is also paved.
– The travertine hill, from which the water springs, has an interesting shape of a volcano with a crater.
– The mineral water is extensively used by the inhabitants from wide surroundings.
– There is a marked hiking trail passing by the spring.
– A few meters away from the spring, another spring rises into a pond.
– By the access path to the spring, there is an educational board about the National Nature Reserve of Sliačske Travertíny (Sliač Travertines).