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Mineral Spring “Maťo”, Liptovská Lúžna

Mineral Spring Maťo, “Kadlub pri mlyne”, is situated directly in the town of Liptovská Lúžna. It surfaces near a stream, approximately 700 m away from the tourist signpost of “Liptovská Lúžna” (path to Salatín). From the signpost, continue slightly uphill along the main road, passing by the municipal authority, and at the next intersection take a right turn (the intersection with a left and a right turn). After a while, you will see the shelter of the spring.

– Reference number of the mineral spring: LM – 59
– The spring surfaces from a wooden barrel-shaped vessel, which is covered.
– The water flows out of the barrel-shaped vessel through a metal pipe.
– It has a ferruginous taste.
– The water produces a rust sediment.
– There is a wooden shelter built over the barrel-shaped vessel, with a roof made of felt shingles.
– The inside of the shelter is paved.
– There is a parking place by the shelter.
– It is situated in the protected zone of the Low Tatras National Park.
– The spring is mainly used by local residents.