Korytnica - notch Hiadeľské Sedlo

A trail running from main road E77, through the premises of the former Korytnica Spa, to a notch at the main ridge of the Low Tatras. It is often used to access the ridge and to descend from the ridge of the Low Tatras. Due to its non-demanding character and interesting views, the trail is also used as a part of the route of Korytnica – Donovaly, which is frequently used by the visitors to Donovaly and by the less skilled hikers.

Number of the route: 2623a
Colour: Blue
Length of the route: 6.7 km
Vertical distance: Ascent: approx. 400 m
Time of completion: 1:45 hours

Reference points for orientation:
1. Turn to Korytnica 776 m
2. Korytnica, spa 825 m
3. Sedlo pod Babou (notch) 970 m
4. Signpost below notch Hiadeľské Sedlo
5. Hiadeľské Sedlo (notch) 1099 m

Route description:
The route begins by main road E77, at the turn to Korytnica, by bus stop “Lipt.Osada,Korytnica-kúpele,rázc.“. A green-marked bike trail runs simultaneously almost with the entire route. In the initial section, the route runs through the valley by the creek, on an asphalt road. After just a few metres from the beginning of the route, a blue panel informs us that we are entering a protected spa territory. The route leads us to the complex of former Korytnica Spa, where, right at the beginning, there is a path running uphill to the left, which will lead you, if you want to make a detour, to a small chapel with a sitting area in about 2 minutes. The route passes by the parking areas, where we might read something about the spa on the information panel. At a nearby intersection, you will find a wooden shelter, a small fountain in the shape of a spa jar and a local refreshment establishment. From the shelter, the route continues to the right across a bridge, after the end of which there is a concrete cross and a wooden chapel, where they still occasionally hold masses. Situated by the road is also a map of the Low Tatras National Park, behind which there is a fountain with spouting water, which is refreshing in summer and creates a small rainbow in direct sunlight. In winter, it creates ice formations. By the spa buildings in a deteriorating condition, you will find restored shelters with mineral water, from which you can draw the medicinal mineral water. Springs Vojtech, Jozef, Žofia and Anton are located almost in one place and each of them has different composition and taste. The asphalt road changes to a gravel-paved road, on which the route exits the spa complex. On the right of the street, there is a grave of Dr. J. Ormai, who contributed to the growth of the spa in Korytnica as the chief physician. A forest road leading us mildly uphill arrives at an intersection, where we continue to the right. The route leads us to notch Sedlo pod Babou, where, situated by a cabin, we will see a shelter with a sitting area and a rotating panel, at which we can guess how long it takes to decompose for the things which do not belong in nature. Below the signpost situated by the woods, we get the first interesting views, of Nová Hoľa with the lift and the ridge of Prašivá. The route enters the woods and another meadow reveals a view of peak Kozí Chrbát, and of Malý Zvon when looking back. Another clearing on the route reveals a view of the High Fatra ridge with rock Majerova Skala, peaks Krížna and Ostredok. Other peaks visible from this location are the ridge of Zvolen with Nová Hoľa, Rakytov or Kečka. Copying the terrain, the sloping road passes by a memorial commemorating skydiving of the first Soviet partisans participating in the preparations for the SNU. An iron conduit on a creek situated a bit further ahead provides a refreshment option. In front of the signpost below notch Hiadeľské Sedlo, we get a new view, of Donovaly. The route continues slightly to the left, to the notch with the final signpost. Situated in the notch is a hiking shelter with a sitting area and a fireplace. Finishing our route at notch Hiadeľské Sedlo is a wooden cross, an educational panel about the Špania Dolina Water Line, about activities of the Partisans in the area, the rules for the visitors of the Low Tatras National Park, a well below the notch, or more new views to the south.

The route is safe, suitable for all age categories. At some places, the terrain is waterlogged. In winter, there is often a few short icy sections along the route. There is traffic of vehicles in the initial section of the route, up to Korytnica. There is traffic of bicycles on the entire route.

Marking on the route:
The marking of the route is sufficient. As the route runs on a road, orientation is easy. There is simultaneous marking of a green bike trail, which makes orientation easier.

– The trail is accessible all year round.
– There is a green marked bike trail running simultaneously with the route.
– Passing of the route in the opposite direction takes approximately 1:40 hours.
– There are buses running to the beginning of the route from Ružomberok.
– There are man-altered springs with potable and mineral water located on the route.
– The route is situated in the Low Tatras National Park.
– The route passes through a protected spa territory.
– In Korytnica, there is a metered car park and a refreshment establishment.
– In the Korytnica Spa complex, there is a SNU memorial.
– The route from Korytnica to notch Hiadeľské Sedlo is used as a ski track.
– Notch Hiadeľské Sedlo separates the Low Tatra Mountain from the Staré Hory Mountain, and the Liptov region from the Upper Hron River region.
– The route serves as an access route to the main ridge of the Low Tatras.

The route was reviewed in September 2021.