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Water has always been a part of our mountainous region, which is full of life and unspoiled landscape. Water can refresh us, quench our thirst, clean us, but also cure us. We come in contact with water at almost every step we make. The water we see in creeks, streams, rivers and lakes, has its origins in the springs. The surroundings of Ružomberok are rich in the occurrence of springs, many of which are mineral springs. The springs, whether they are well known or less well known, form an integral part of nature, and they always let us refresh ourselves with the water they offer. Springs, of which there is plenty in this region, are not, however, granted everywhere, so let’s appreciate them, they are a part of our natural heritage.
When hiking and going on trips in the surroundings of Ružomberok, we are always pleased to find a well with spring water. The water rushing from the spring lifts our spirit with the atmosphere it creates, it can refresh us, clean us and quench our thirst. For kids, who have always been able to find enjoyment in playing with water, a well can also be a source of entertainment during a hike or a trip. Let’s enjoy the benefits of the water gifted to us by the springs, however, let’s not forget that our ancestors valued and took care of the wells and the springs, because water is associated with life and with purity.