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Sculpture of Freedom

The memorial of the Sculpture of Freedom, the original name of which was Freedom of the Slovak Nation, is situated in the centre of the town, at Námestie Slobody (Square of Freedom).

The sculptural group consists of three separate compositions: The sculpture of “Poroba” (Servitude), the sculpture of “Odboj” (Rebellion) and the statue of “Víťazstvo” (Victory).

Installed on the base are two, more or less life-size, sandstone sculptures – “Poroba” (Servitude) and “Odboj” (Rebellion), and standing on the highest, beam-shaped post is the statue of “Víťazstvo” (Victory). Servitude of the Slovak Nation is depicted as a sitting female figure and a kneeling male figure with a double cross. The figures are in the positions of exhaustion and sadness, with their heads facing down and their bodies looking frail. Rebellion is a composition of two figures in Italian and Russian legionary uniforms, conquering the mother land, which is represented by the man standing behind them with a leafy branch. Victory, situated on the highest, thin post, is symbolized by a young woman, covered in a strip of fabric, with her head lifted up.

The sculptural group was revealed in 1928 on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the end of World War I. and the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic.