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Mineral spring “Medokýš Podsuchá”, Ružomberok - Nižné Matejkovo

Mineral spring Medokýš Podsuchá “Vrt Ma – 2” is situated in Ružomberok’s recreational town Nižné Matejkovo. It is located at the end of the urban area, among the huts by the stream. In order to get to the spring, from the road running through the town towards the valley, a few metres after crossing the bridge over the stream, take a left turn to the path in between the fences of the huts (after the path leading to the spring, there are only three huts left on the left side of the road). In a few metres, the path will lead you to the stream, where the spring is situated on the other side of the stream.

– Reference number of the mineral spring: LM – 120
– The water is led out through a metal pipe from a man-altered slope lined with bricks.
– The water is clear, odourless.
– It has a ferruginous taste.
– The water produces a rust sediment.
– It has a weak, irregular flow.
– It is situated in the protected zone of the Great Fatra National Park.
– Passing near the spring is a marked hiking trail from Podsuchá, through Šiprúň, to Černová.
– The spring is mostly used by the locals and the hut owners.