Places to visit

Spring Jachym, Lisková

The spring is situated in the woods, by a hunting cabin above tourist signpost ”Rázcestie pod Smrekom“ in the area of Medzi Hroble, approximately 3.6 km away from the train stop in the village of Lisková. You can get there along a yellow-marked trail from Lisková. Then you go right, slightly uphill, along a blue-marked hiking trail to the nearest sloping road, on which you continue to the left to a cabin located about 400 m away, below which the spring surfaces.

– The spring is maintained and used by the cabin owners.
– The water is collected into a brick tank, from which it is led out in a pipe into a metal tank, which is used by the visitors of the cabin.
– The spring is marked with a name plate located on a tree.
– There are drinking glasses by the spring.