Places to visit

Chapel of Biely Potok, in the Trlenská Valley, Jesuit Convalescent Home

The chapel is situated in Ružomberok, in the area of Biely Potok. It is situated at the premises of the Jesuit convalescent home in the Trlenská Valley. It is located 700 metres away from the parking lot in the Trlenská Valley, below Vlkolínec.

– The chapel has brick walls and a sitting area inside.
– The chapel has a saddle, sheet metal roof.
– The original chapel was built in 1935 as part of the Jesuit convalescent home.
– In 2018, the chapel underwent a major renovation.
– Inside the chapel, there is a copy of the painting of Our Lady of the Snows from Rome.
– The chapel is a part of the Jesuit complex.
– The chapel is south-oriented.
– There are services held in the chapel.