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Statue of St. Ján Nepomucký, Stankovany

The statue is situated in the centre of the town of Stankovany. It is located next to the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is located approximately 370 metres away from train stop “Stankovany“.

– The stone statue depicts saint Ján Nepomucký holding a cross with crucified Christ.
– The statue stands on a stone base.
– There is a sheet-metal roof over the statue, covering the statue from above.
– At the front part of the statue, there is a metal holder for flowers.
– The statue is west-oriented.
– The statue was relocated to the church from the periphery of the town during alterations of the railway track.
– Passing in the vicinity of the statue is a green-marked hiking trail running from Stankovany to Podšíp.