Places to visit

Well “Pod Žiarcom” (Below Žiarec), Valaská Dubová

The well is situated near a hiking shelter, next to the blue-marked hiking trail to Great Choč from Valaská Dubová. It lies approximately 500 m away from the urban area.

– The well is not a spring, it only regulates the stream flowing from the spring situated approximately 300 m away.
– Installed on the bottom brick part with an overflow pipe is a wooden structure of the well with a roof made of plastic shingles.
– The front part of the well is decorated with the symbol of the Choc Mountain Hiking Club.
– The well is often used by tourists on their way to Great Choc. This route is the most frequently used all-year hiking route to Great Choc.
– There is a hiking shelter near the well.
– Passing by the well, there is a blue-marked hiking trail, which leads from Valaská Dubová through Stredná Poľana to Likavka, and an educational trail, which leads from Valaská Dubová to Great Choč.