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Well below Sliačska Magura, Liptovské Sliače - Stredný

The well is situated in a wooded area above the end of the Sliačska Valley, in the northern slope of Chopec hill, in the cadastral territory of Liptovské Sliače. It can be accessed along a trail from the hiking shelter located on the blue-marked hiking trail from Liptovské Sliače to Malý Salatín.

– The wooden log structure of the well with an outflow conduit is covered with a sheet-metal roof.
– The water from the spring, which surfaces from a rocky bed in the slope above the well, is led to the well through a wooden conduit covered with rocks.
– The well was built in 2021 by alteration of a spring with a drinking basin for animals.
– The slope underneath the well is reinforced to prevent a landslide.
– The outflow area is lined with rocks in order to prevent the area around the well from becoming waterlogged.
– The water from the well flows into a wooden drinking basin.
– Situated by the well is a sitting area and a station.
– The well area offers a view of a part of the West Tatras.
– There is a new trail leading to the well, marked by dots on trees from the shelter at Sliačska Magura, from where it is approximately a 7-minute walk. The old trail leads to the well from the feeder at Sliačska Magura (just enter the woods by the feeder and after a few metres, you will find the trail).
– The spring is situated in the Low Tatra Mountain, in the protected zone of the Low Tatras National Park.