Places to visit

Station above Podšíp, Stankovany

The station is situated above the village of Podšíp, in the cadastral territory of the town of Stankovany. It is located on a tree in a wooded area, a few dozen metres away from the village. To get to the station from train stop “Stankovany“, it takes about 1.25 hours on foot along the marked hiking trail from Stankovany.

– The station consists of a roofed wooden frame with a small Christ on the cross located in the area below the roof.
– The station is dedicated to Lacko Chorvát, the author of the trail to Šíp.
– Placed in the frame is his picture, a dedication, and a model of a typical wooden house in Podšíp.
– The station has north-west orientation.
– The station is situated in the National Nature Reserve of Šíp.
– Passing by the station is a yellow-marked hiking trail from Stankovany to Dierová.