Gothal in Liptovská Osada

This multifunctional complex includes a water world, where you can find entertainment as well as peace and relaxation.

The complex is situated in the town of Liptovská Osada, at the end of the town, in the direction to Liptovská Lúžna, approximately 18 km away from Ružomberok.

The complex includes pools, a wellness centre and sports activities.

You can have a proper swim in a 25-metre-long, stainless steel swimming pool, with six lanes and the maximum depth of 180 cm. The water temperature is 26 to 28 degrees Celsius.

After swimming, you can rest in the relaxation pool, where the water temperature is 35 degrees Celsius. The pool also includes attractions such as whirlpool beds, water massage jets and water whirlpools. Another interesting feature is the large wall full of green plants, which creates the impression of a tropical forest, and it is one of the largest ones in Slovakia. There is also an Aqua Bar by the pool.

Kids can enjoy a children’s pool with water at temperature of 34 degrees Celsius. There is also a small children’s slide landing into the pool and a water hedgehog. In the vicinity of the children’s pool, there is also a children’s castle, where children can climb and slide.

The complex also includes a wellness centre, where the visitors can find a steam sauna and a Finnish sauna, a sanarium, a cooling pool and a “kambala” waterfall shower. There is also a pool which has a mixture of water and salt, simulating the water in the Dead Sea, where you can try a procedure called “floating”.

Other relaxation options include a massage, a whirlpool tub or a sunbed. At the premises, you will also find bowling, tennis, pool, table soccer, table tennis, as well as a fitness centre and a golf simulator. The upstairs areas include a large children’s corner with a ball pool, building blocks and other toys.

The complex also includes restaurant “Vlnka” and shepherd’s hut “Koliba Liptov”, the largest one in the Liptov region.