From the Ľupčianska Valley to Mining Town Magurka with Children

A trip through a small mountain valley to a mining town hidden in the Low Tatras.

Start and destination: The Ľupčianska Valley – the intersection to Magurka
Trail: 4 km (+ 4 km back)
Marking: green bike trail
Surface: asphalt road
Difficulty level: alternately rising path
Safety: We do not recommend bringing the youngest cyclists on this trip, as it requires stronger physical fitness. The trail runs along a low-frequented road, which is used by the inhabitants and the visitors of the cabin settlement, therefore pay increased attention.

From the intersection in the Ľupčianska Valley, we walk along a mildly rising valley by the creek. Right at the entrance to the valley, there is an informational panel where we can read what is allowed and what is not allowed in the Low Tatras National Park. We continue through the valley along an old asphalt road, which alternates between mildly rising sections and somewhat steeper rising sections. We arrive at an old flood control dam, which is, however, still functional and ready to fulfil its purpose in the event of a flood. We pass by a well with refreshing water. At the gamekeeper’s lodge “Kapustisko”, there is a yellow-marked bike trail turning away from our trail and leading to a red bike trail, along which it is possible to continue to Liptovská Lúžna or to the town of Železné (Železnô). We continue further and walk past another well, “Pod Klinčekom”. Here we begin our final way up to the mining town of Magurka. At the curve located right below the town, there is another well, “Mária”, with benches. We enter the town, where we are welcomed by an old mining church (Chapel of Virgin Mary of Rosary) and a shelter situated next to it. We continue through the town, where we can notice interesting buildings, such as the house of the Ruppeldt family, until we reach the end of our trail at Cabin Magurka, which has a restaurant and services we can use. We use the same route to get back.

– At the beginning of the trail, you can park your car by the road.
– A few metres away from the beginning of the trail, there is a bridge, behind which there is a memorial of the Slovak National Uprising.
– The flood control dam has water only during floods.
– Along the trail, there are springs with potable water.
– Possibility of resting at resting points with benches.
– The final section of the trail offers views of the main ridge of the Low Tatras.
– There are interesting cultural monuments located in the town.
– At the end of our trail, there is a cabin with an outdoor sitting area.
– The trail enters in the territory of the Low Tatras National Park, therefore you must observe its rules for the visitors.