Places to visit

Spring Surová, Ludrovská Valley

The spring is situated in a side valley of the Ludrovská Valley. The spring is located approximately 100 metres away from the paved road in the Ludrovská Valley, running through which is a red-marked hiking trail from Ludrová to Salatín. You can get to the spring along a small path passing through the Ludrovianka creek, which continues past a cabin, to another cabin, below which the spring is situated.

– The spring is situated directly below a corner of a log cabin.
– The water surfaces from a crater lined with rocks and it flows away underneath the rocks, into a nearby creek.
– In the rocks, there is a plastic pipe from which the water used to flow out in the past, now it flows directly through the rocks.
– The water from the well and the creek are the left tributary of the Ludrovianka creek.
– The spring is situated in the cadastral area of Ružomberok, in the territory of the Low Tatras National Park.