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Chapel by the road to Šturec, Liptovské Revúce - Vyšná Revúca

The chapel is situated in the town of Liptovské Revúce, in the part of Vyšná Revúca. It is situated behind the houses, by the road which leads to notch Veľký Šturec. It is located 200 metres away from bus stop “Lipt.Revúce,Vyšná Revúca,Jednota“.

– The chapel has brick walls and a statue of Christ.
– The statue is placed behind a glass door.
– In the front part of the chapel, there is a cross placed on the wall, below the statue of Christ.
– The chapel has a cone-shaped, sheet metal roof.
– The chapel has south-west orientation.
– There is a shelter with a sitting area in the vicinity of the chapel.
– The chapel is situated in the protected zone of the Low Tatras National Park.
– Passing by the chapel is a blue-marked bike trail.
– The chapel offers a view of Čierny Kameň.