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Cross “Kaplnka” near Bešeňová

The cross is situated above the town of Bešeňová. It is located on a travertine tower called “Kaplnka” (Chapel) in the area above an old travertine quarry. It is located approximately 1.1 km away from bus stop “Bešeňová,,hotel Sumit“.

– The cross is made of stone.
– It is located at the top of a travertine tower.
– The cross is south-oriented.
– The area with the cross is a part of the natural monument of “Bešeňová Travertines”.
– To access the cross, there is a natural “staircase” directly in the rock tower, from the east side.
– In the vicinity of the cross, there are several mineral springs.
– From the cross, you get a panoramic view of the Low Tatras, a part of the Great Fatra and the Choč Mountains.