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Peak Veľký Choč (Great Choc)

The view from the peak of Great Choc is one of the most beautiful views in Slovakia, with amazing panoramic views of the wide surroundings.

It is situated north of Ružomberok, in the vicinity of Valaská Dubová, in the Choc Mountains. It is 1611 m.a.s.l. high. It lies 8 km away from Ružomberok (as the crow flies). The peak is covered with mountain bushes. It has view of all cardinal points. It is visible from each side. It is a dominant feature in the west part of the Liptovská Basin.

It can be accessed via marked hiking trails from the towns of Valaská Dubová, Likavka, Lisková, Lúčky, Jasenová and Vyšný Kubín.

From Valaská Dubová, you can get to the peak of Great Choc along the blue-marked hiking trail through Stredná Poľana, from where you continue along the green-marked trail during summer and along the pole-marked winter trail during winter, which later connects to the red-marked trail.

In favourable weather, the view includes Poland and the Czech Republic. You can view all the biggest mountains of Slovakia, such as the High Tatras, the West and the Low Tatras, the Great and the Small Fatra. You will see Liptov, Orava and a part of Kysuce, Turiec and the Podtatranská Basin.

– It is one of the most visited peaks in the region.
– Hiking trails are open all year round.
– In winter, guidance is provided by winter pole marking.
– Traditionally, there is a New Year’s Eve hiking tour on December, 31.
– The hiking tour from Valaská Dubová takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.
– It is also known from the poems of many Slovak authors, among others also from the poems of P. O. Hviezdoslav, who was from Vyšný Kubín.
– There is a viewpoint compass rose at the top.
– There is also an educational trail to the top from Valaská Dubová and from Lúčky.
– It is the highest peak of the Choč Mountains.