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Lourdes Cave of Biely Potok, in the Trlenská Valley, Jesuit Convalescent Home

The Lourdes cave is situated in Ružomberok, in the area of Biely Potok. It is situated on a rock called “Vlčia Skala”, at the premises of the Jesuit convalescent home in the Trlenská Valley. It is located 800 metres away from the parking lot in the Trlenská Valley, below Vlkolínec.

– It was created in 1939 by Andrej Ratulovský, a member of the order, by alteration of the crevice in the rock.
– It consisted of statues of Virgin Mary of Lourdes and Saint Bernadette, made by master Mydlo.
– The original statue of Mary was moved to the church in Vlkolínec.
– The Lourdes cave is south-oriented.
– There is a modest altar and a sitting area by the cave.
– The Lourdes cave is situated by the rock shaped like a wolf head.
– The Lourdes cave is a part of the natural monument of “Vlčia skala” rock.
– The Lourdes cave is a part of the Jesuit complex.
– There is an annually organized pilgrimage to the cave, to Our Lady of the Snows.