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Peak Mních (Monk)

Peak Mních offers an easily accessible viewpoint.

It is located north-east of the centre of Ružomberok. It is a part of the Choc Mountains. It is 657 m.a.s.l. high. It lies 1 km away from the centre of Ružomberok (as the crow flies). On the south side, the peak is covered with trees, and on the north side, it has meadows as well as trees in some areas. It offers a view of the north and partially of the west and the east. It is visible from the Liptov Basin.

It is accessible via unmarked trails and a field road from the centre of Ružomberok, Likavka, Martinček and Lisková.

The easiest way to the peak is from the town of Likavka, along the field road running from “Československej armády” Street, from the cross, which will lead us in between the houses and up to the peak.

From the peak (the west peak), you can see mainly the town of Likavka, the town of Ružomberok and the Choc Mountains. From the east peak in the massive of Mních and the viewpoint, which is situated less than a kilometre away, you can see the town of Martinček, the Choc Mountains, the Liptov Basin and a part of the West Tatras and the Low Tatras.

– Hiking trails are open all year round.
– At the west peak, there is a transmitter visible from a wide area.
– Below the east peak, there is a sitting area and a panorama display including description.
– The hiking tour from Ružomberok takes approximately 1 hour.
– The hiking tour from Likavka takes approximately 40 minutes.
– Transition between the east peak and the west peak takes approximately 25 minutes.
– The hiking tour from Martinček to the east peak takes approximately 20 minutes.
– The hiking tour from Martinček to the viewpoint with a sitting area takes approximately 10 minutes.
– Traditionally, there is a hiking tour in costumes during Carnival Season.
– In the past, there used to be a hillfort at the top.
– Based on a legend, there used to be a Templar monastery at the top.