Sidorovo Mini Farm

A popular summer attraction for families with children is Sidorovo Mini Farm, where kids can see various kinds of domestic animals.

It is situated in the lovely natural scenery of Vlkolínec meadows, below Sidorovo peak, located approximately 5 km away from the town centre, as the crow flies.

The easiest access to the farm is from the top station of the cable car lift to Malino Brdo. From there, you need to walk for about 20 minutes following first the red and then the yellow hiking mark.  Another possibility is to walk from the valley station of the cable car lift in Hrabovo along the educational trail “Medvedia Cesta” to the intersection at Vlkolínec meadows, which takes approximately over one hour. From there, you follow the yellow mark for about 5 minutes. Finally, the third option is to follow the yellow hiking mark from Vlkolínec, which takes about 30 minutes on foot.

Kids can look forward to seeing goats, sheep, pigs or rabbits. Kids are allowed to also touch the animals. They can also ride a beautiful wooden roundabout with a carved wooden sheep, and they can swing on a wooden seesaw swing set. Those who want to, can take a picture in a huge wood-carved “črpák” mug.

The complex also includes a gazebo and a fireplace for barbecues.

The Mini Farm is currently open from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. until 31 August 2023.